A3 Business Forum Testimonials

A3 Business Forum Testimonials

“The A3 Business Forum is where industry leaders go to learn, connect, and collaborate.”

– Jason Baechler, President
MORITEX North America

“The A3 Business Forum is the place I go to start my year, plan, and gain insight from my industry peers.”

– Steve Kinney, General Manager of Business Development
CCS America Inc.

“The A3 team did an exemplary job of organizing and implementing a very meaningful A3 Forum event. Each of the 650+ attendees were able to get pertinent information and networking opportunities appropriate to each of the AIA, MCMA, and RIA associations. Congratulations! Looking forward to attending the 2019 Forum.”

– Christopher Lutz, Consultant

“After thorough consideration of various association and industry events in which our firm has participated over the last five years, the Glide-Line team has found the A3 Business Forum as a premier, must-attend event that inspired ideas for automating the manufacturing industry. This is exactly why companies like Nike and Tesla are jumping on board.”

Chris Round, Manager of Business Development

“This was my first time in attendance. I found it to be an excellent forum for meeting people and discussing business and will be back next year with additional members of our staff.”

– Dave Rennie, Vice President of Business Development
Trust Automation
Trust Automation

“Each year I meet colleagues that broaden my knowledge of the industry on a global scale. Creativity is able to flow freely among experts. I always go home energized and ready to promote new ideas.”

Paul Santi, General Manager
FANUC America Corporation

“Another excellent event! I have been here for the past 5 years and it gets bigger and better every year. See you all in 2019!”

Evan Haley, Director of International Sales
ATI Industrial Automation
ATI Industrial Automation

“The ‘who’s who’ of the Automation world. More networking can be accomplished in 3 days than in a year of normal visits and calls.”

– Sean Dotson, President & CEO
RND Automation & Engineering
RND Automation & Engineering

“A3 Forum provides an abundance of useful business information and quality networking opportunities.”

– Don Harris, President
A3 Business Forum

“Best networking event in all of Automation!”

Jean Rabatin, Senior Account Manager
ATI Industrial Automation
ATI Industrial Automation

“A3 is inspiring the most positive view of our future, filled with great careers and advanced automation enabled by education and connected multi-industry leadership.”

– Jon Battles, Director of World Wide Advanced Technology

“The A3 Business Forum is not only a business meeting, but also a B2B environment that mixes the key elements of automation (robots, motion and vision) together.”

Robert Tait, Optical Metrologist
Optical Metrology Solutions
A3 Business Forum

“I continue to get more and more out of the Forum every year that I attend.”

– Nick Sischka, Senior Vision Solutions Engineer
Edmund Optics

Edmund Optics

“If you are in the industry and are not here, you need to be. It’s that simple.”

– Jeff DePree, Senior Director of Food Operations
Soft Robotics Inc.
Soft Robotics

“No better event for networking with automation industry leaders and talking with decision makers, while also staying abreast of the trends that will affect our industries and our customers’ industries.”

– Winn Hardin, Managing Director
TECH B2B Marketing
Tech B2B

“The A3 forum provides a wide view of industry trends and insight into what the future may hold, which energizes, inspired, and helps to reinforce our vision and message as we grow our business and provide our customers with the support that will help them grow and prosper.”

– Scott White, Sales Representative
Production Components, Inc.
A3 Business Forum

“This event is the HIGHLIGHT of our social calendar each year! The contacts we make here help us plan our roadmap for the year ahead!”

– Ryan Guthrie, Vice President
TM Robotics
Toshiba Machine

“To say great minds think alike is an understatement in this case. Hundreds of the greatest minds in automation in one venue for two days…imagine the possibilities!”

– Gary Miller, President
Miller Resource Group
Miller Resource Group

“As first time A3 attendees, our team was overwhelmed with how incredibly well run, organized, communicated, informative and valuable this event was for us.  We already have the 2019 A3 blocked out on the calendar!”

– Bryon Shafer, General Manager
ASG (Division of Jergens, Inc.)
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