Matthew Robinson

Matthew Robinson

Matthew RobinsonMatthew Robinson

Program Manager – ROS-Industrial Consortium, Americas, Southwest Research Institute

Matt Robinson is the Program Manager for the ROS-Industrial Consortium – Americas. Mat Robinson is setting the strategy and vision to align the open source development community with industry needs to deliver innovative and sustainable advanced robotics solutions ready for factory deployment in his role at Southwest Research Institute. Mr. Robinson is the Program Manager for the ROS-Industrial Consortium – Americas, an industry-driven open source program brining advanced manufacturing solutions for the industrial robotics community. Prior to his current role, Mr. Robinson was team leader for Caterpillar’s Manufacturing Technology Automation Research. Here, Mr. Robinson led development and deployment of automation tools to improve the performance and productivity of Caterpillar manufacturing facilities around the globe. Mr. Robinson, during this time, also led manufacturing value stream design initiatives that led to the deployment of over 50 robotic/automated manufacturing systems around the world. Mr. Robinson has led developments for automated materials joining processes for titanium and other challenging dissimilar material combinations for high temperature applications. Mr. Robinson has a Master’s Degree in Welding Engineering from Ohio State University.

Advances in Industrial Automation Leveraging ROS-Industrial and Open Source Tools

There has been a ground swell across industries for improved performance and capability across the industrial robotics application space. The ROS-Industrial project seeks to bring new and novel capabilities to the factory floor. ROS-Industrial is an open-source project that extends the advanced capabilities of ROS software to manufacturing. Leveraging the ROS framework and a consortium comprised of industry, hardware manufacturers, and research partners, ROS-Industrial is delivering novel capability to various end-users from aerospace to heavy manufacturing and beyond. This talk will highlight the ROS-Industrial journey and applications that have proven to help demonstrate these new capabilities and validate the value proposition to industry.

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