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2020 Advertising, Lead Generation and Engagement Opportunities

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) is the leading organization for innovative professionals in the automation world. A3 is the largest North American association that serves global automation professionals from the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), AIA – Advancing Vision + Imaging, Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA), and A3 México.

A3 represents individuals from more than 1,200 manufacturers, component suppliers, system integrators, end users, research groups, educators and consulting firms. These companies drive automation forward across many business verticals:

  • Electronics industry
  • Automotive & automotive component
  • Rubber/plastics
  • Pharma, healthcare and cosmetics
  • Food and beverage
  • Consumer goods
  • Metal and machinery

Engagement Opportunities
Industries Served

Be at the Center of the Automation World

The automation industry is increasing products, revenue and users every year. A total of 28,158 robots valued at $1.39 billion were shipped to North American companies in the first nine months of 2018. Now is the time to establish your brand as a leader in automation and capture market share.


A3 builds connections across the industry through content, research, events, news, education, training and networking. Our members are innovators, buyers and information seekers that are looking for new ideas and business partners. Advertisers are not only building brand equity but they are developing a pipeline of qualified leads and driving traffic to their online properties.

Total Sales
Members & Prospects


Tailor Your Message to Your Audience

Make A3 your marketing partner: We work to understand your objectives and we advise on our segmentation strategy and engagement offerings. Digital advertising provides companies the flexibility to test and refine marketing assets and influence performance.

Our advanced segmentation system allows advertisers to target by job title/role, historical engagement, interests, geographical location, product type, or industry vertical. Conversely, if your goal is to reach a broader audience, A3 expands your reach a wider audience to enhance your ROI.


Audience #1: Robot & Automation Professionals

Member companies include leading robot manufacturers, users, system integrators, component suppliers, research groups, consulting firms and more.

Audience #2: Vision & Imaging Professionals

Member companies include manufacturers of vision components and systems, system integrators, distributors, OEMs, end users, educators and consultants. Individuals focus on smart cameras, life sciences, laser scanners, machine learning, and more.

Audience #3: Motion Control & Motor Professionals

Member companies include system integrators, manufacturers, distributors, manufacturers’ representatives, end users, suppliers, consulting firms, researchers and academics. Individuals focus on electric motors, magnets, remote monitoring and more.


Engage Your Way

Whether your focus is to drive clicks and impressions, increase social media traffic, introduce buyers to your product, or generate leads, A3 has a solution for you. Advertisers can select individual runs or build a custom engagement plan across all of our web properties; our marketing experts design packages at every price point.

Online Web Advertising

Build brand awareness and reach nearly 1.4 million visitors via display or banner advertisements on the A3 homepages or interior pages. These digital advertisements vary in size and placement and can include animated files. All advertisers receive a comprehensive report of clicks and impressions one month after the ad runs.

Benefits: Alignment to Relevant Content, Brand Awareness, Driving Traffic, Digital Touchpoint, Conversion Optimization

1.4 Million Visitors Across A3 Websites

Email and Newsletter Advertising

A3 keeps automation professionals informed through email communications and newsletters. Our monthly newsletters are targeted by audience type and highlight trends, events, products and news. This built-in audience is ideal for a call to action that will be pushed out to nearly 159,000 of A3 subscribers. Advertisers can have exclusive emails, branded content, or button or banner ads embedded in newsletters. All lists are rented.

Benefits: Thought Leadership, Call to Action, Driving Traffic, Brand Awareness, Conversion Optimization, Segmentation Strategy

Newsletter Engagement


A3 produces several educational live webinar series that are archived on the website. These free webinars are available to the entire A3 network. Webinars average nearly 400 registrants. Advertisers may sponsor webinars or they can elect exclusive sponsorships that allow them to shape content and messaging. All advertisers receive a complete contact list of webinar subscribers months following the published content.

Benefits: Research Sharing, Subject Matter Experts, Thought Leadership, Lead Generation, Establish Trends, Content Marketing, Enhancing Brand Voice, Segmentation Strategy


Video Advertising and Sponsorships

Show off your latest automation technology via video. This is one of the most powerful sales tools in today’s digital world. A3 advertisers can include a 15 to 30 second video clip on social media or on the A3 homepage. Videos must link from a YouTube or Vimeo account.

Benefits: Soft Sales Strategy, Enhancing Brand Voice, Highlight Product Features, Brand Positioning, Social Sharing, Research Sharing, Informing

Promoted Social Media Posts

Reach nearly 70,000 followers across the A3 social media networks with branded content. A promoted post on behalf of your company positions you as a credible expert in the automation and technology field. Tie this opportunity into an upcoming A3 event with hashtags or run an exclusive promotion. Requires two weeks advance scheduling and content approval by A3 management. Includes hyperlink and graphic. Space is limited.

Benefits: Enhancing Brand Voice, Highlight Product Features, Expand Social Media Presence, Increase Credibility and Authenticity, Build Awareness

Reach Across Social Media

Homepage Takeover

Advertisers that want to make a big splash should consider a 48-hour takeover of all ad space on the homepage. This opportunity is ideal for new product launches, PR campaigns or important company announcements.

Benefits: Brand Exposure, Alignment to Relevant Content, Driving Traffic, Digital Touchpoint, Conversion Optimization

Branded or Sponsored Content

A3 produces content across all web properties, newsletters, blogs and more. Showcase your expertise by authoring blogs, articles, case studies, whitepapers, and have them published prominently in an upcoming communication. Requires two weeks advance scheduling and content approval by A3 management. Space is limited.

Benefits: Enhancing Brand Voice, Highlight Product Features, Expand Social Media Presence, Increase Credibility and Authenticity, Build Awareness


A3 provides members exclusive access to sponsorships at all events throughout the year. Please contact Jim Hamilton to learn more about our current sponsorship opportunities or click here to download the prospectus.

Rates & Contact Info


Contact Bill Kaprelian or call (574) 292-1925 with questions.

A3 Advertiser Case Study

“It was great to work with A3 in development and implementation of our webinar. The A3 team provided solid guidance in terms of content depth, timeframe and structure, which helped to design the webinar to deliver the most effective results possible. The A3 team’s deep understanding of their constituents, both in terms of what they are most interested in as well as the best mechanisms to deliver that information, was very apparent and important in our collaboration on the webinar. Finally, working with them on the follow up from the webinar has enabled an understanding for options surrounding future information sharing and awareness to enhance 3M’s position in robotics.” -Application Engineer at 3M
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