Weekly Wrap Up 07.03.2014

This Week in Automation


How to Select the Right Automation Strategy For Your Business

Trying to switch to new technology can seem overwhelming. Having an automation strategy makes it more manageable.

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How to Make (more) Money With Robots?

Investing in robot technology has a clear purpose: increasing your competitiveness. The value of your robot system is not made on the day it is purchased, but in the years of reliable production after that.

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The Robot Revolution Is Here, and Growing

Robots already surround us, and they’re about to do much more than work on assembly lines and pick up dust bunnies.

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Fanuc: Robots Can Boost Yield in Dairy Factories

By Rachel Arthur+, 20-Jun-2014

The dairy industry is showing increased interest in pick and place robot handling systems, according to FANUC Robotics.
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