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The Future of Automation

During the 2020 A3 Business Forum, four industry leaders, Raj Batra with Siemens; Jon Battles with Amazon; Bob Hosler with Keyence; and Matt Vasey with Microsoft, spoke with A3’s Director of Education Strategies Robert Huschka about their insight and predications for the next decade and how we can prepare to take advantage of these opportunities. […]


MICPA Appoints Robert Doyle as new President and CEO

RIA’s Robert Doyle is named President and CEO of the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants. The Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Doyle as its new President and CEO, following Peggy A. Dzierzawski who is retiring March 31. “Peggy is an association icon in Michigan and […]


Robots Aren’t Taking Jobs: A3 Whitepaper

Automation is a new concept for a vast majority of the working population, especially in the manufacturing industry. Someone unfamiliar with the process or uneducated on the benefits of automation might mistakenly fear for their job. As robot installations become more common on the production floor, more plant workers worry about their job security.  However, […]


A3 Seeking a Director of Education

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) is looking for a dynamic, outgoing, and experienced professional to lead our educational programs. The successful candidate will be responsible for the planning, development and execution of A3’s education strategies. A3’s associations (AIA, MCMA, and RIA) offer several different types of educational opportunities from online webinars to in-person conferences. […]


A Robot Tax is a Bad Idea: Automation Actually Saves and Creates Jobs

By Jeff Burnstein President of the Association for Advancing Automation Despite what you might have heard, robots save and create jobs. Those who claim otherwise are presenting a misleading picture of the important role automation technologies play in the American economy. Bill de Blasio, New York City mayor and candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential […]


How Robot Taxes Will Hurt Innovation – and Workers

By Robert Huschka In 1900, London was home to roughly 50,000 horses. More than 11,000 horse-drawn cab drivers carted folks around the city. Thousands of workers helped bring in hay. Blacksmiths tended to the animals. And, laborers carted away the millions of pounds of manure that was generated every day. Technology has always changed the […]


What NY Times column gets wrong on robots

By Jeff Burnstein President of the Association for Advancing Automation Robots don’t take away jobs. When companies lose to their competition, that’s when workers lose jobs. There seems to be this idea: If the robots hadn’t shown up, the jobs would have stayed. But nothing could be further from reality. Here’s the truth: We aren’t […]


First World Problems and the Role of Automation

There’s a popular meme these days called #firstworldproblems that slyly probes the dark side of modern-day life. Tragedies like when you can’t find someone to wash your airplane, you have to settle for 3G, or they use non-organic avocados on your toast. But there’s a legitimate #firstworldproblem out there these days that not enough people […]


China’s Robot Revolution

by Jeff Burnstein, President, Association for Advancing Automation Last week I delivered a keynote address on the Outlook on US Robotics and Intelligent Technologies at the fourth annual World Robot Conference (WRC) in Beijing.  Some 1200 people attended the Main Forum, which also featured keynotes from industry leaders such as Esben Ostergaard and Dr. Daokui […]

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