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How Robot Taxes Will Hurt Innovation – and Workers

By Robert Huschka In 1900, London was home to roughly 50,000 horses. More than 11,000 horse-drawn cab drivers carted folks around the city. Thousands of workers helped bring in hay. Blacksmiths tended to the animals. And, laborers carted away the millions of pounds of manure that was generated every day. Technology has always changed the […]


What NY Times column gets wrong on robots

By Jeff Burnstein President of the Association for Advancing Automation Robots don’t take away jobs. When companies lose to their competition, that’s when workers lose jobs. There seems to be this idea: If the robots hadn’t shown up, the jobs would have stayed. But nothing could be further from reality. Here’s the truth: We aren’t […]


First World Problems and the Role of Automation

There’s a popular meme these days called #firstworldproblems that slyly probes the dark side of modern-day life. Tragedies like when you can’t find someone to wash your airplane, you have to settle for 3G, or they use non-organic avocados on your toast. But there’s a legitimate #firstworldproblem out there these days that not enough people […]


China’s Robot Revolution

by Jeff Burnstein, President, Association for Advancing Automation Last week I delivered a keynote address on the Outlook on US Robotics and Intelligent Technologies at the fourth annual World Robot Conference (WRC) in Beijing.  Some 1200 people attended the Main Forum, which also featured keynotes from industry leaders such as Esben Ostergaard and Dr. Daokui […]


How blockchain might revolutionize your supply chain

By Robert Huschka, Director of Education Strategies, Association for Advancing Automation Forget about Bitcoin. It’s blockchain — the underlying technology behind cryptocurrency – that might be the real revolution with the potential to dramatically alter how businesses manage their supply chains. Imagine using your phone to find out where every part in a new truck […]


Imaging Systems are Leading the Way for Warehouse Profitability

When you walk into today’s modern warehouse you will see vision-guided vehicles moving shelves, self-docking to recharge, and navigating complex areas by themselves. You’ll notice as orders come in, machine vision and imaging systems help the products move quickly from the warehouse to the recipient’s address through identification, sorting, packaging, and shipping applications. Machine vision […]


Your Guide to Implement Robotic Technology

Many companies large and small understand the benefits of automation, but selecting the tools, putting them into practice, and then managing them well isn’t easy. The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) helps companies get the most from robots, machine vision, and other forms of automation. Setting the Stage It’s always helpful to remember how processes have […]


Smart Home Technology Fosters Self-Reliance

Voice commands to turn on lights, set the thermostat, or handle another household task is more than a luxury for people who have limited mobility. A wounded veteran and his family have found that smart home technology fosters independence and self-reliance. The Situation Senior Airman Brian Kolfage lost three limbs in 2004 during combat in […]


Weekly Wrap Up 05.19.2017

How Industrial Automation Promotes Job Growth A3 recently released a whitepaper titled Working in the Automation Age: Sustainable Careers Today and into the Future, which discredits the theory that automation hurts jobs and promotes how modern men and women can find more meaningful, safer and more enjoyable work. Read More Are gestures the future of […]


Weekly Wrap Up 05.12.2017

Announcing Two Open-Calls for RIA Robot Safety Training RIA’s popular Open Call Training seminar is available to the public. Receive an in-depth introduction to all of the essential information contained in the ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 Robot Safety Standard by attending an open-call Safety Training Event in Fremont, California on May 16, 2017 or in Long Beach, […]

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