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First World Problems and the Role of Automation

There’s a popular meme these days called #firstworldproblems that slyly probes the dark side of modern-day life. Tragedies like when you can’t find someone to wash your airplane, you have to settle for 3G, or they use non-organic avocados on your toast. But there’s a legitimate #firstworldproblem out there these days that not enough people […]


China’s Robot Revolution

by Jeff Burnstein, President, Association for Advancing Automation Last week I delivered a keynote address on the Outlook on US Robotics and Intelligent Technologies at the fourth annual World Robot Conference (WRC) in Beijing.  Some 1200 people attended the Main Forum, which also featured keynotes from industry leaders such as Esben Ostergaard and Dr. Daokui […]


How blockchain might revolutionize your supply chain

By Robert Huschka, Director of Education Strategies, Association for Advancing Automation Forget about Bitcoin. It’s blockchain — the underlying technology behind cryptocurrency – that might be the real revolution with the potential to dramatically alter how businesses manage their supply chains. Imagine using your phone to find out where every part in a new truck […]


Smart Home Technology Fosters Self-Reliance

Voice commands to turn on lights, set the thermostat, or handle another household task is more than a luxury for people who have limited mobility. A wounded veteran and his family have found that smart home technology fosters independence and self-reliance. The Situation Senior Airman Brian Kolfage lost three limbs in 2004 during combat in […]


How to Weld Non-Standard Parts Using Automation

Custom, non-standard parts once caused challenges for welding systems. But there are best practices for the robotic welding of non-traditional parts. Setting up a system to handle parts with variations and low runs was featured on a webinar through the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) titled Welding and Robotic Automation. Understanding what makes the part non-standard, […]


Automation’s Benefits for Industry and the Environment

Automation helps companies operate profitably while using energy as efficiently as possible and reducing the amount of materials needed to create products. End users operate leaner and the environment is cleaner. Look closely at automation’s specific benefits for where we work and live. Reducing Factory Waste Fewer materials are trashed thanks to automated production as […]


Linking Industrial Equipment to the Cloud

You’ve invested in robots that are older but continue working well. Production goals are being met, product quality is good and there’s little downtime. Yet, concerns surround your legacy equipment. The challenge is upgrading without an unnecessary overhaul to handle data needs and become a well-run connected factory. But taking a step into a factory […]


3 Ways Collaborative Robots Help People with Needs

From vacuum cleaners using the latest sensor technology to smart appliances, consumers are impacting the development of automation. Tools and gadgets aren’t the only way robotics is found in the home. People who are impaired and have limited mobility can also get help from automated solutions. It’s another technological frontier with crossover benefits for industry. […]


Get the Input You Need on Motion Control

Putting a robot or a fully automated system into action requires the right size motors, proper torque and smooth movements. Motion control is as critical to automation success as software and end-of-arm operating tools. A controller, the drive and the motor are the three basic components in a motion control system. Handling the demands of […]


A Groundbreaking Automation Industry Gathering: Automate 2017

Strengthen your career and company during an historic week at Automate 2017 with the Future of Automation Theater, April 3 to April 6 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Robotics from the U.S. to China, machine vision and start-up innovators, and acknowledging the entrepreneurial spirit unleashed in the industry offer unprecedented value, along with globally recognized panelists […]

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