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Seeing Robots as Job Creators

Debates over robots taking jobs from people versus creating jobs may never be fully settled. Technology will continue evolving and improving and industries undergo constant change. Month to month, it may not be possible to see the impact that automation has on jobs until analysts stop to look back over the course of a few […]


Living and Working Well with Artificial Intelligence

You walk into the house holding bags of groceries and it’s dark inside. But you say, “Turn on the lights” and the house lights up so you can safely make your way to the kitchen. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being harnessed to give consumers hands-free options for managing the lighting, temperature, and even music at […]


A Platform for Learning and Sharing on Motion Control

Machines are communicating flawlessly with each other in some of the factories of today and the interactivity will increase in more production facilities in the near future. Data flowing seamlessly to track productivity has gone from the drawing board into the daily life of companies, especially global brands with state-of-the-art production facilities. There are mission […]


Food Manufacturers Fuel Growth Using Automation

Processing eggs in large volumes is the only way to compete in this sector of the food and beverage industry, and processor CMC Wholesalers LLC of Fanwood, New Jersey is using robotics to the fullest. Learn about the key advantages of using robots in this look at Why I Automate. Robots have consistent movements that […]


Teaching Automation with a Hands-On Approach

  The use of robots is on the rise throughout North America and the globe. Table-top robotic arms, miniature robots, and service robots that move autonomously are among the advances that have been made and they show how robots can be customized and equipped for many different tasks. The days of stationary robots performing only […]


How to Step into the Age of Automated Information

A factory running 40 different product lines utilizes the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to create an efficient operation. Hundreds of workers at the Black and Decker Plant in Reynosa, Mexico produce millions of products each year proving that the IIOT is no longer theory. It’s working every day in major facilities processing massive amounts […]


Your Trusted Advisor for Automation Today and in the Future

Automation’s impact is felt widely throughout industry and in our daily lives. Yet, how do you know if your company is ready to automate or expand the use of automation? A slide presentation, 7 Signs Your Business is Ready for Automation, reveals how robotics and machine vision can improve production quality and let a small […]


Clarifying Safety with Collaborative Robots

Robot safety practices once focused on keeping robots fenced so people didn’t have any interaction with them. During the past few years, the use of collaborative robots has become widespread and safety design, practices and technical specifications have adapted. Keep in mind that debilitating and fatal accidents involving robots are rare. OSHA in its Safety […]


Go Home to Find the Ultimate in Flexible Automation

Automated products are being rolled out for homeowners in niche-specific areas like pet care and children. Initially, vacuums, lawnmowers, and pool cleaners using sensors and the latest software got the attention. Smart temperature settings and lighting solutions spoke to personal preferences. Then automating a cat’s litter box and adjusting infant and toddler car seats showed […]


Get the Latest on the Use of Robots in Food and Beverage

Robots are in demand in the food industry as close attention is paid to eliminating contamination and packaging continues to take on many different shape and sizes. Food and beverage manufacturing and processing are filled with tedious tasks and many points that are susceptible to contamination. Automation is a proven alternative to people who become […]

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