Discover the Benefits of Automation at Automate 2015

Discover the Benefits of Automation at Automate 2015Automation technologies are not a luxury but an essential part of business operations for a growing number of U.S. manufacturers. This month, an array of technologies that could boost your company’s productivity and profitability will be under one roof in Chicago’s McCormick Place from March 23-26.

Companies like Noble Plastics will attend Automate 2015 because they’ve seen how their business has been transformed and they want to leverage future developments.


In the early years of manufacturers turning to automation, Noble Plastics invested in a robot even though the equipment sat idle. The company could say they had a robot and it helped them win a bid. The executive team had a vision even if they weren’t able to implement it right away.

In a video segment of Why I Automate, the company’s president, Missy Rogers, said familiarity with the equipment became essential, they developed in-house expertise, and they began to win new bids.


Noble Plastics is a contract manufacturing firm with core values that include honest dealings with customers and fulfilling promises. They soon learned how an automated process provided consistent quality on a repeating basis. They got the equipment they needed up and working. Customer satisfaction increased as did product quality and they began to win new accounts.

Noble Plastics has found that the process in a run of over a million units can be perfect.

A customer could come back a year later and request the same run with parts made exactly the same way. Automation has made that level performance possible.

The firm, based in Grand Couteau, Louisiana, is competing in the global marketplace. Rogers said building relationships is necessary to expand into new markets and quality products and service strengthen those ties. Good relationships don’t exist without high quality products.

Automating their plant has helped Noble Plastics provide exceptional quality on a day in, day out basis.


Someone asked if the employees were nervous that the widespread use of robots would eliminate jobs. In the video segment, Scott Rogers, the technical director, answered that charge by saying “our employees drive the use of those systems.”

Automation enhances their performance and helps them achieve more than they could on their own power. Noble Plastics is developing in-house expertise. The company has become more profitable using industrial automation and, as Missy Roger says, the employees have benefited by adding to their personal knowledge base and having more “tools in their tool belt.”


After fourteen years, Missy Rogers says Noble Plastics can’t imagine expanding or working without automation. In the video, she offers a key phrase that sums up the company’s philosophy around people and the use of technology.

Click “Why I Automate” to view the three-minute segment.

Whether you’re new to using industrial automation or you’re a company that has made use of the latest technologies, Automate 2015 has solutions that you’ll want to see up close.

Look for expert huddles and hands-on exhibits answering questions on the latest developments impacting robotics, motion control systems, imaging, and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Keynote speeches from industry leaders like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will round out the time. For registration and conference schedule log on to Automate 2015.