Weekly Wrap Up 08.01.2014

This Week in Automation


Key Questions to Ask Before Automating

Automation is a proven way for companies to speed up production, produce higher quality products, and compete globally. A clear understanding of needs must be matched with the solutions that automation provides. Use these key assessment questions as an evaluative framework before investing in new equipment.

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Siemens Automation Summit Emphasizes Safe, Reliable, and Flexible Manufacturing

The Siemens Automation Summit, held in Orlando, Florida, June 24-26, provided a highly concentrated training and education venue for the company’s automation user community. The event demonstrates the strong commitment that Siemens end users and solution partners have to an automation portfolio that continues to improve while also expanding across the entire manufacturing spectrum.

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Robotics Suppliers Post Record Business in North America

Robotics suppliers, paced by automakers preparing for new-product launches, posted records for orders in North America during the second quarter and first half of the year, an industry trade group reported today.
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Reshoring, Robots and the New Factory Floor

Plastics processors are adopting robotics in a major way to compensate for a dwindling talent pool and re-shored jobs.
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Could Weed-zapping Daleks Be the New Farmer’s Friend, With Robots Roaming Crops?

Professor of robotics at the Queensland University of Technology, Tristan Perez, says the rising cost of fossil fuels and the increasing resistance of weeds to traditional herbicides, are jointly influencing a rapidly growing interest in the agricultural potential of robotics for a farming application.
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