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Certified Robot Integrator Program

The RIA Certified Robot Integrator program allows system integrator companies to highlight their expertise. The certification is designed to help users identify integrators who have the capabilities and experience that meet their specific needs. For full details, visit

Vision and Imaging Training and Certification Programs

AIA provides educational courses and knowledge testing for vision professionals. Individuals may attend courses and then take the certification exam. Those with experience can choose to take the exam only. With a passing grade on the exam, individuals receive certification credentials. Continuing education every three years is required to maintain certification.

The AIA Certified System Integrator Program


The AIA Certified System Integrator Program allows system integration companies to demonstrate the depth of their expertise and highlight their industry experience. Customers can trust that this group of qualified companies specialize in system integration and have met the AIA’s specific criteria.

Industry Statistics

RIA publishes quarterly market data that provides detailed information on the North American market. View the reports here.

Vision Online provides informative articles on market data, trends and outlooks as well as information on AIA’s annual market study and our mini studies on new market opportunities. Click here for more information.

MCA develops Motion Control market statistics reports that members use to grow their business and make more informed decisions. Read more here.


RIA works in conjunction with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop robot safety standards that include robotic definitions, engineering guidelines, evaluation criteria, testing requirements, and safety requirements for industrial robots.
Click here to learn more.

Vision Online is your hub for vision industry standards. Click here to learn more about the standards available and how they can impact your business.