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How Robot Taxes Will Hurt Innovation – and Workers

By Robert Huschka In 1900, London was home to roughly 50,000 horses. More than 11,000 horse-drawn cab drivers carted folks around the city. Thousands of workers helped bring in hay. Blacksmiths tended to the animals. And, laborers carted away the millions of pounds of manure that was generated every day. Technology has always changed the […]


What NY Times column gets wrong on robots

By Jeff Burnstein President of the Association for Advancing Automation Robots don’t take away jobs. When companies lose to their competition, that’s when workers lose jobs. There seems to be this idea: If the robots hadn’t shown up, the jobs would have stayed. But nothing could be further from reality. Here’s the truth: We aren’t […]


Video Interfaces Deliver Advantages in Industrial Automation

Complicated and expensive. If this is your perception of machine vision for industrial automation, it’s time to reconsider. Choosing the right video interface – the hardware and software used to format imaging data and send it to a computer for analysis or display – can help designers and end-users reduce complexity, lower costs, and gain […]


Weekly Wrap Up 07.11.2014

This Week in Automation   Trends in Robotics Sales &  the Robotics Industries Association Certification Program Trends in robotics sales show companies in diverse industries are making greater use of automation. The automotive industry still accounts for most sales, but more companies in the life sciences and food and consumer goods industries are using automated […]


Why I Automate – This Robot is Changing How We Cure Diseases

The benefits of automating a medical research lab include sifting through massive amounts of data in a short period of time. Scientists at a National Institutes of Health laboratory search for the right combinations of chemicals to fight diseases. In this next installment in the “Why I Automate” series, researcher Chris Austin describes how robots […]


Weekly Wrap Up 06.13.2014

This Week In Automation   Why I Automate | A3 Automate Our goal is to share stories about companies that are using automation to succeed and compete effectively in their marketplace. Learn how Marlin Steel is benefiting from automation. Read More     Behind the Scenes of How the Tesla Model S is Made | […]


3 Ways Businesses Are Winning With Automation

Investing in automation does more than speed up production and reduce errors in the finished product. Here are examples from three businesses that found the ability to expand product lines, win accounts larger than they had thought possible, and open new markets. Expanded Capabilities G&W Products in Ohio grew 35 percent in a 3-year period […]


Weekly Wrap Up – 05.30.2014

This Week In Automation   How Automation Leads to Greater Productivity | A3 Association for Advancing Automation The benefits of automating an operation include increased production, reduced waste, and a better environment for employees. Positive results like these are among reasons why robotics orders in the first quarter of 2014 were the second highest ever […]

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