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Why I Automate – This Robot is Changing How We Cure Diseases

The benefits of automating a medical research lab include sifting through massive amounts of data in a short period of time. Scientists at a National Institutes of Health laboratory search for the right combinations of chemicals to fight diseases. In this next installment in the “Why I Automate” series, researcher Chris Austin describes how robots […]


3 Ways Businesses Are Winning With Automation

Investing in automation does more than speed up production and reduce errors in the finished product. Here are examples from three businesses that found the ability to expand product lines, win accounts larger than they had thought possible, and open new markets. Expanded Capabilities G&W Products in Ohio grew 35 percent in a 3-year period […]


Weekly Wrap Up – 05.30.2014

This Week In Automation   How Automation Leads to Greater Productivity | A3 Association for Advancing Automation The benefits of automating an operation include increased production, reduced waste, and a better environment for employees. Positive results like these are among reasons why robotics orders in the first quarter of 2014 were the second highest ever […]