Weekly Wrap Up 04.07.2017

Automation Trends over the Next Five Years

Automation technologies and trends are dynamic and ever-changing. From robot software, accessories and sensors to end-effectors, vision and wireless technologies, our expert panel will discuss and debate some automation trends and developments they expect in 2017 and beyond.

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Machine Vision Keeps an Eye on Facial Recognition

While privacy concerns have been a factor for years, it turns out that if you put a useful application in front of the machine vision algorithm —i.e., you make it fun — everyone’s happy. For example, a Russian music festival used a facial recognition algorithm to supply attendees with photos of themselves from the event, while a firm in Singapore is developing a transport ticketing system that uses voluntary facial recognition to charge commuters as they pass through fare gates.

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Get the Input You Need on Motion Control

Putting a robot or a fully automated system into action requires the right size motors, proper torque and smooth movements. Motion control is as critical to automation success as software and end-of-arm operating tools. A controller, the drive and the motor are the three basic components in a motion control system. Handling the demands of on-going production requires additional levels of planning.

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Automation means healthier businesses, happier employees

Demographic changes and economic forces have combined to transform today’s business landscape. The shift is here to stay. With attrition rates growing in many regions, especially Asia, retention of skilled talent has become a growing concern for businesses, and leaders are forced to focus more on talent management.

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42 companies empowering robots and humans to work side-by-side

As robots can be trusted to safely work alongside humans and are relatively portable and easy to program, business managers, from all sized companies, begin to imagine uses within their labs, facilities, factories and shops – uses where robots and humans collaboratively work together to improve productivity and efficiency by using the robot where it is better than its human partners, and vice versa.

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