Weekly Wrap Up 04.14.2017

World of Robotics and Automation on Display in Chicago

They’re fast, they’re precise and in some cases they’re even … cute. We visit the trade show Automate to get a look at the latest in robotics.

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Will robots replace workers or create new jobs?

Automation and robotics are playing an ever-increasing role in the workplace, particularly in manufacturing. According to the Robotics Industry Association, in the United States, capital investment in robots increased by 13.1% from 2015 to 2016, to $1.81 billion. Many of those investments have been made in Michigan factories.

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3 Ways Collaborative Robots Help People with Needs

From vacuum cleaners using the latest sensor technology to smart appliances, consumers are impacting the development of automation. Tools and gadgets aren’t the only way robotics is found in the home. People who are impaired and have limited mobility can also get help from automated solutions. It’s another technological frontier with crossover benefits for industry.

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The robot industry is hiring. Do you have the skills?

A new white paper by the Robotics Industries Association (RIA) says that as many as 2 million US manufacturing jobs will go unfilled in the next ten years due to a lack of skilled workers. According to the paper: “80% of manufacturers report a shortage of qualified applicants for skilled production positions, and the shortage could cost US manufacturers 11% of their annual earnings.”

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The Startup Launch Pad Blasts Off At Automate 2017

What does Magic Johnson and a twenty foot robot have in common? You guessed it, Automate 2017. While this might seem like an odd pairing, it accurately reflects the current state of the robotics industry. Already 2017 is on pace to beat last year’s $19 billion investment record, with the recent announcements of Intel’s $15B purchase of Mobileye; ABB’s $2B acquisition of Bernecker & Rainer; and Ford’s $1B investment in Argo AI.

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