Weekly Wrap Up 05.19.2017

How Industrial Automation Promotes Job Growth

A3 recently released a whitepaper titled Working in the Automation Age: Sustainable Careers Today and into the Future, which discredits the theory that automation hurts jobs and promotes how modern men and women can find more meaningful, safer and more enjoyable work.

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Are gestures the future of robotic control?

A few decades ago, touchscreens were impressive, yet clunky pieces of technology reserved for applications that did little more than show off that touchscreens were possible. Today’s touchscreens are commonplace and readily accepted as an easy way to interact with an operating system; they’re accurate, support multi-touch, are comfortable to use, and can even operate in multiple dimensions (pressing hard).

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Smart Home Technology Fosters Self-Reliance

Voice commands to turn on lights, set the thermostat, or handle another household task is more than a luxury for people who have limited mobility. A wounded veteran and his family have found that smart home technology fosters independence and self-reliance.

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North American Machine Vision Market Grows 10% in First Quarter of 2017

Total machine vision sales include sales of machine vision systems and components. The machine vision systems category increased 10% to $509 million in the first quarter of 2017. Within machine vision systems, sales of smart cameras climbed 16% to $87 million, while application specific machine vision (ASMV) systems grew eight percent to $422 million.

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Robots invade Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry

If you visit the Museum of Science and Industry over the next 10 months or so, you likely will be greeted by RoboThespian, a life-sized humanoid robot.

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