Weekly Wrap Up – 10.03.2014

This Week in Automation


How to Help Employees See the Benefits of Automation

In this week’s post we tackle one of the biggest myths when it comes to automation — the unfounded fear that robots will steal jobs from human workers. If you think your business may benefit from the use of automated systems but are worried that your employees will automatically fear losing their jobs as a result, this is a must read. As you will find, all evidence from real life case studies suggests that this is not true. Help your workers understand how they will benefit from automation while helping your business grow.

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IFR: Demand for Industrial Robots Will Continue to Rise

The International Federation of Robotics has some promising stats and forecasts for the industrial robotics market, which their recent report claims will see a 12% increase in sales each year from 2015 to 2017.

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Robotic Gripper Ball Changes Industrial Robotics

An interesting piece from Forbes on Empire Robotics and their innovative Versaball, an agile robotic gripper which resembles a nerf ball. The Versaball boasts some impressive capabilities, such as being able to grip an object in about 0.1 seconds and release the same object in less than 0.2 seconds.

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Technical Advances Help to Boost Robotics

An insightful and detailed look at recent innovations in machine vision and its applications in the field of robotics. Great background information on the technologies that power vision-guided robots and the machines commonly employed for the task of bin picking.

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Workshop Shares How Humans and Robots Can Work Together

An excellent recap of the International Collaborative Robots Workshop which took place in San Jose, CA on September 30th, 2014. The workshop offered perspectives from some of the industry’s top robotics experts on how robots and humans can work together productively and safely.

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