Weekly Wrap Up – 09.19.2014

This Week in Automation and Robotics


7 Signs That Your Business is Ready for Automation

Transitioning to automated systems for your business can seem like a huge and overwhelming change, but there are several signs to look for when deciding if automation can streamline your processes and increase your bottom line. In this week’s post, we discuss seven signs that your company could benefit from switching to automation.

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This Robot Can Load a Dishwasher – Thus Solving a Massive Mathematical Problem in Robotics

A research team from the University of Birmingham have presented “Boris,” the new robot capable of picking up unfamiliar objects which has been five years in the making. Boris can calculate 1,000 possible ways to pick up an object in only 10 seconds. They hope that by April of next year, Boris will be able to successfully load a dishwasher.

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Two-Armed Robot Represents a “New Era in Automation”

ABB will be unveiling its first two-armed collaborative robot at the Hannover Fair in April of 2015. The new robot, which has been named YuMi, will work alongside humans in the consumer electronics industry before expanding to other sectors. It’s soft and safe design makes it possible to work with the robot without the need for protective cages and it has enough accuracy to thread a needle.

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Robots Work Their Way Into Small Factories

An excellent and eye-opening piece from the Wall Street Journal that covers several small businesses  finding success through the use of collaborative robotics. The cost for such machines starts around $20,000 and this has made it possible for smaller manufacturers to begin reaping the rewards of robotics which are capable of working right alongside humans without replacing them.

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Why is Japan the first to get Dyson’s new 360 Eye?

In light of the recent announcement of Dyson’s new robotic vacuum cleaner, many are left wondering why it will only be available in Japan after its initial release. This article puts forth several possible reasons and sheds some light on why Dyson has chosen to introduce its product there before putting it on shelves in the US.

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