Weekly Wrap Up – 09.05.2014

This Week in Automation


Become an Automation Expert – Resources Roundup

Interested in learning more about what automation can do for your company? Business owners are pressed for time and we’ve devoted this week’s post to gathering helpful resources for your convenience. Useful links to industry news and best practices as well as upcoming conferences are all in one place to help you get up to speed on the benefits of industrial automation.

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Robots lending a helping hand to build planes

New industries are adopting automation, including the aerospace sector in Europe. In this article, we are introduced to the VALERI project (Validation of Advanced, Collaborative Robotics for Industrial Applications) which plans to begin testing mobile robots for aerospace component production by 2015.

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OSU ready to offer advanced degrees in robotics

Oregon State University has become one of only a few universities in the entire nation to offer both a master’s and a doctoral degree in robotics. Associate professor of mechanical engineering Jonathan Hurst compares robotics to the Industrial Revolution and claims that innovation in the field will result in both new opportunities and challenges, similar to how the Internet transformed our lives.

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Realistic Robo-Hawks Designed to Fly Around and Terrorize Real Birds

Birds are real pests in certain industries, namely farming, aviation and waste management. Using scarecrows at an airport isn’t a viable solution, but Nico Nijenhuis may have the perfect fix for these businesses. Based out of the Netherlands, the twenty-seven year old has unveiled Robirds and plans to offer them to the aforementioned sectors by the end of the year. He is currently testing remote controlled Peregrine Falcons and eagles with positive results. The robotic prey birds scare away other birds and they get the job done. According to one landfill, there has been a 75% decline in bird visits so far.

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Korean Yujin Robot Launches Meal Transport Robot

Based out of Korea, Yujin Robot has just released GoCart — their new meal transporting robot designed for use in eldercare and hospitality industries.

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